Paxherbals , established in 1996, has grown from a two-room wooden shaft to a gigantic edifice the like of which is yet be found anywhere in west africa; from a two- member staff in 1997 to 150 full-time and 50 part-time staff today, and from a small production laboratory to a vast research complex comprising a diagnostic, quality-control, drug formulation and chemistry laboratory. In 2005, PAX has only two products listed by NAFDAC. Today we have 33 listed, the highest so far by any single organisation in Nigeria. In the Esan central local government area of Edo State where PAX headquarters is located, we are the highest employers of labour.
Recent Activities
1. Mass cultivation of medicinal plants such as bitter leaf, sour sop, lemon Grass, hybiscus, oranges, aloe species, Senna alata, sida acuta and other high potency medicinal plants.
2. Establishment of pharmacovilance centres Ewu, Edo State, and Ikeja, Lagos state .
3. Research partnership with variou government and private agencies in the development of Traditional medicine and cultivation of medicinal plants.
4. Expansion of our research laboratories equipped with modern analytical equipments.
5. Development of a digital herbarium for proper identification and conservation of Nigerian medicinal plants.
6. Frequent hosting of science students from various Nigerian Universities at the PAX facility in Edo State to broaden their knowledge of Traditional Medicine and sustain their interest in the practice of herbal medicine.

Pax Natural Medicine Hospital
Key Objective: To practice evidence-based medicine. This requires putting high-tech documentation facilities, diagnostic facilities and computerised data capture system.
• A centre for genuine African holistic healing that blends the physical and the spiritual aspects of the human person.
• Target Nigerians in need of herbal/alternative therapies who want to be attended to privately and confidentially.
• Limited accommodation by special arrangement for those that may need days or weeks of rest, nutrition therapy or observation.
• Become an international cancer screening and management centre.
• Organize regular health talks for executives, focusing on preventive measures.
• Special focus on HIV/AID research towards the production of effective herbal anti-retroviral medicines.