How reliable are the products and any direct or indirect evidence of successful application:
Whitlow: About successful 10 cases of use against whitlow. If used at the immediately at the first sign of whitlow, it dries up the infection and no pain is experienced.
Wounds: Over 10 cases of successful use with wounds and bruises which heal without throbbing pains in about a week or more depending on the depth and severity of wound. For example it has been found very useful as domestic, laboratory and workshops accidental cuts.
Stubborn post-surgery wound healing or abscess: In one case a stubborn abscess after minor surgery in hospital was instantly healed on application of Ogunall
Rashes: Skin rashes have been known to disappear on use.
Athlete’s foot: Prevents athlete’s foot when used at the first itching sign of the infection and also supports the healing process.

Pains: Essentially for pains, burns, piles, eye infections, sore throats and insect bites. Effective for rheumatic, arthritis, etc. which are managed by rubbing oil and allowing to be absorbed into the body over one to one and a half hours after application. Sports men and women find the oil helpful in cases of muscular strain.
Conjunctivitis (Apollo): The formulation is made mild and heals “Apollo” – itching and redness of the eyes normally within 2 – 3 days. Several such cases successfully dealt with.
Burns: Spreading Bektol over burns as directed leads to healing within days and leaves no scar (for second degree burns). If applied immediately and hourly after accidental hot water on the skin, no inflammation may be observed.
Piles: Several cases of uncomplicated piles or anal swellings successfully treated with Bektol when used as directed.

Lumps: Evidence has shown effectiveness for breast cancer lumps and swellings and may help in prostate problems applied with orthodox medicine.
Two cases of painful breast lumps successfully treated when used with capsules. In one case surgery was averted and no other treatment was deemed necessary. In another case, only the oil was applied.
Swellings: Unusual body swellings receded in three cases when Mamol was applied over a month to three months in cases of large volume swellings. Also has the potential to assist in the management of melanoma/skin cancer.

Prostate-specific antigen (PSA): The promoter has used it over a month to reduce his PSA from 23 units to 16 units (4units is the accepted safe limit). I carried out the experiment in the USA where the screening was done. This has been since 2009. I apply the treatment once yearly. But to ensure that the PSA remains low it should be amdinistered as follows:
Take 2 capsules thrice daily for 3 weeks and continue thereafter to take 2 capsules twice daily. Monitor the PSA and if low enough, taking 3 capsules once daily may suffice. Another user got the PSA reduced from 36 to 3.9 in two months use of edion capsules.
My theory is that the growth of the prostate is suppressed and metastisis is prevented. Possesses the same activity as the expensive abiraterone (see research link).
When used along with Lupron injection and bicalutamide (casodex), prostate cancer with very high PSA(81) was reduced from 61 to 0.1 in 3 months! Edion taking twice daily has successfully arrested the return of PSA rise a few years after initial surgery to cut the supply of growth promoting steroids from the testes.
Should also help cases of colon polyps, colon cancer and melanoma and possibly may be helpful in other cases of cancer subject to further tests.
To prevent breast lumps from developing on the breast left after one had been removed because of breast lumps/cancer, edion used in a similar way has kept the remaining breast normal after 3 years and more since surgery.

HIV-AIDS: Eight hospital HIV-AIDS patients improved significantly over two weeks when put on the capsules. Rashes and mouth scum disappeared and weight gains were observed. The formulation certainly suppresses the virus. In one pathetic case of a child of a lady living with the virus who got infected and had poor growth, putting reduced quantities of the powder in the child’s food led to a radical change in the child’s health and body building.
Herpex virus: PEKO-D should also be effective against Herpes virus certainly and possibly other viruses.

Cholesterol, diabetes: There are reports by other co-workers that the powder formulated differently has been used to normalize high cholesterol and to control diabetes but I have no documented experience on these cases. May be advisable to monitor levels of these when capsules are used. Malaria is well managed by Odede capsules and manages some types of stomach upsets and aches very well.

How are the company’s products superior to that of the competition, and how is it different? What is unique about the product? What are its features and benefits?

Toxicity: The products have very minimal or no toxicity based on our lab and NAFDAC independent analysis.
The therapeutic index: i.e. the difference between the respective potential toxic dose of products and their respective effective doses is very high and wide.
Convenience: It is convenient to use and administer the products and without much training. The physical intake of drugs is minimized. For example, no drug intake for arthritis,etc. – products are just rubbed or massaged on affected area.
Good efficacy: For instance Bektol for burns is better than available conventional creams and traditional honey palliatives.
Side effects: There are yet no known side effects from usage of the products. In the cancer type treatment, there is no hair loss or other adverse effects. The HIV/AIDS management has produced no side effects as well.
Chemistry and Research Pedigree: The products have been formulated using research results in chemistry and pharmacology unlike the case with most Nigerian herbal products on the market.

Developing Indications:
Peko-D manages Parkinson’s Disease. Edion and Mamol are involved in the Management of Fibroids (not in pregnancy) and Uterine cancer. Odede manages stomach upset and stomach ulcer.

How will Bevekt Gedu Chemical Company price its products relative to the market? What evidence do we have that our target market will accept the price?
Bevekt Gedu Chemical Company will base its prices on existing market and product demand. The products are already being marketed through Pax Herbal Clinic & Research Laboratories and direct through individual contacts and information. In essence the six herbal remedies are already in use at Paxherbal clinics at Ewu near Ekpoma and in Lagos. The current prices appear to have been accepted though the prices are subject to review using market indicators.

Proprietary Rights
What proprietary rights does the company have to the products? For example, patents, copyrights, trade secrets and other proprietary knowledge or skills.
The company has duly obtained copyrights for all the six products from the Federal Government of Nigeria. The application process for NAFDAC registration was initiated in October, 2014 though NAFDAC had been informed of the oils since 8th March 2011. The products have since be accepted and fully registered by NAFDAC.