About Us?

Bevekt Gedu Chemical Company is focused on introduction of relatively new products to the sizable herbal health products market. Bevekt Gedu effectiveness is its key strength in the large arena of herbal medicine and it comes from the new and growing branded and package herbal health market segment. As new herbal products, Bevekt Gedu products has such a broad-based appeal and its sold to a large portion of the total market.
BEVEKT GEDU products are well positioned in the market based on the credibility as well-researched herbal products which combines the best of African Medicine and modern science and developed by a professor (Emeritus) of Chemistry who is the Founder/chief chemist of the company.

The company primarily offers the following herbal products:

  • BEKTOL: for pains, burns, piles, eye infections and insect bites;
  • MAMOL: for breast lumps and swellings, prostate problems;
  • OGUNALL: for whitlow, wounds, bruises, sores, rashes and athletes foot;
  • EDION: for breast lumps and cancer;
  • PEKO-D: for viral infections e.g. HIV-AIDS, HERPES, etc;
  • ODEDE: for high cholesterol and to control diabetes. Also, for Malaria, body weakness and some types of stomach upset.


Emeritus Professor JI Okogun PhD FCSN, FAAS, C. Chem., FRSC, FNSP, FAS, FOUNDER AND PROMOTER
Professor Emeritus Okogun obtained his B.Sc. (First Class,,London) in 1963 and PhD in 1967 at the University of Ibadan in Nigeria. He held a position of lecturer in the same University, becoming Professor in 1977. In between which he studied at Imperial College, UK. He was Head of Chemistry Department, Dean of the Faculty of Science, Hall Master; Independence Hall, Hall Warden; Independence Hall and sub Dean of Postgraduate at the University of Ibadan. His research interests include chemical investigation of Nigerian medicinal plants for the development of nutrition supplements/nutraceuticals and phytomedicines, isolation – analyses and modification of biologically active natural products for the purpose of developing potential drugs/leads – molecular probes and pesticides, degraded triterpenoid, gedunin and the diterpene roseanolone for the pupose of converting them into various transformation products for the structure activity studies, invesigation of Nigerian traditional herbal remedies for tuberculosis. After 1995 he became associated with the Nigerian Institute Pharmaceutical Research and Development (NIPRD) where he has served as Head of Department of Medicinal Plant Research and Traditional Medicine, as Honorary Adjunct Professor. He has also served as Chairman of the Governing Council of the Nigerian Industrial Training Fund, Vice President and Editor-in-Chief of the Chemical Society of Nigeria, was Vice President of the Nigerian Academy of Science and President of the Nigerian Society of Pharmacognosy. He is a Director of IMI, USA. He is an Alexander von Humboldt Fellow at Darmstadt Technische Hochscule , Tierarzlichen Hochschule, Hannover and Universitat Hannover, Germany and member of several others professional societies. He has national, regional and international awards and recognitions and has about 125 publications. He was appointed Emeritus Professor of Chemistry in 2012 by the prestigious premier University of Ibadan, his alma mater: a very rare honor and distinction.

Erabor Okogun BSc MBA, Deputy Managing Director/EVC
Over the past 17 years Erabor have closely worked with Executive Management and at Board level in very sensitive and high level roles delivering on over 50 projects and investments. His contacts, network, insight and experience are local and global. After graduating from the premier University in Ibadan with a degree in Geography in 1998, Erabor worked as a Credit Analyst on the Energy and Manufacturing Group of Nigerian American Merchant Bank (a Bank of Boston subsidiary now part of FCMB). He was involved in providing loans and bank syndications to meet cashcall obligations for the E&P NNPC JV companies such as Shell and Chevron for their development plans and also pharmaceutical firms such as Roche/SWIFA. Later on Erabor worked at venture capital at Heirs Capital in Heirs Alliance, co-founded startups such as Nextzon, Meliora and Nemoante and was part of the Executive Management at Transnational Corporation of Nigeria Plc (Transcorp). Outside these roles he has consulted for the National Assembly, the Federal Government of Nigeria in creating and shaping PPPs. Over the past 5years he is focused on Corporate and Project Development plus raising finance for Renewable Energy plants to support Nigeria’s energy security and mix. Erabor has developed strong transformation skill sets, origination, corporate finance, financial modeling, strategy, regulatory advocacy, plus a keen sense of local and global dynamics and opportunities. Erabor is a 2003 graduate of Leicester University, where he completed his fulltime MBA. In his spare time he has supported Fate Foundation as a mentor and facilitated Fate Foundation Aspiring Entrepreneurs Program. He is an Entrepreneur and Management Consultant, a member of the Nigerian Institute of Management (NIM).

Otoigiakhi, S.O. Oriabure
Otoigiakhi, S.O. Oriabure is a next generational leader, with firsthand knowledge and assets, that builds organizations to number one or two position in the market segment both locally and regionally. He has achieved maximum returns on investment for top stakeholders. He is self-motivation, enthusiastic, positive thinker and good team player. To put together cutting edge results, his discipline and handwork during operations are his major skill set. With excellent interpersonal and customer service skills which he developed can help build long lasting relationships with clients. He studied Information Technology in HiiT Kano where he got great passion for his profession.

  • Robert Ehibor And Emmanuel A. Palmer: Engagement Herb Planters And Farmers Supervisors
  • The Technical Team Works In Collaboration With Pax Herbal Clinic And Research Labs.